3.5 Hard Drive Clamshell

Plastiform manufactures hard drive clamshell packaging designed to protect and secure hard drives in storage from dust, water and other harsh elements. Protective plastic casing is essential when it comes to the preservation of hard drives. Plastiform’s clamshell packaging is designed to fit 3.5″ hard drives, and are built with durability in mind, including impact cushioning features to protect your product from impact if dropped. Our plastic hard drive cases have been tested to withstand impact from a 48″ drop test to ensure reliability.

Manufactured with state-of-the-art designing and machining capabilities, Plastiform plastic casings are built to provide the most protective casing products on the market. Custom packaging for electronics created by Plastiform are created specifically for unique products for the best display quality available.

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Hard Drive Clamshell Packaging Specifications

Tightest Tolerance

  • ± 0.005 inches formed geometry tolerance
  • ± 0.030 inches trimmed tolerance

Material Thickness

.020 inches

Product Length

  • Open 14.5 inches
  • Closed 7.25 inches

Product Width

5.30 inches

Product Height

1.625 inches

Shrinkage Allowance

0.004 inches/inch

Number of Cavities


Cutting Method

Ruled trim die

Base Material


Material Used




Material Finish

  • Corrugated box
  • Palletized

Special Feature

Impact cushioning features

Industry for Use


Delivery Time

  • Initial Proposal 48hrs
  • Stock item

Standards Met

48″ drop test with hard drive in the package

Design Work

3D modeled in the latest SolidWorks version