Custom Plastic Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packaging protects and markets your product. Our experienced team will design and develop a custom fit to meet your specific goals and to maximize visual appeal. Clamshells can be sealed for tamper and theft resistance or left unsealed for reusability. There are three primary types of custom plastic clamshells with deviations: Tri-fold, Bi-fold and Book-fold.


Tri-fold clamshells offer maximum versatility. They have a triangular side profile and can either hang from a peg or stand on a shelf.

Trifold Clamshell Packaging
Toy Retail Packaging


Bi-Fold is the traditional clamshell product that is common in most product displays on the market. They feature a perimeter snap for closure.



Book-fold is similar to Tri-fold however, the side profile is square. They are intended for a self-windowed insert for a box and other unique packaging solutions.

Toy Retail Packaging

Custom Plastic Clamshell Packaging Features:

  • Built in “feet” or tri-fold hinges for stand-alone capability
  • Key holes for hanging on display hooks
  • Undercuts to hold informational insert card
  • Buttons for quick and easy snap-shut capability

Plastiform provides custom clamshell packaging unique to each product we create, giving the most ideal presentation of your product to the consumer. We offer custom clamshell packaging designed to meet the specific and unique needs of your products. We work individually with each client to understand all requirements, go through a stringent data collection process and then meticulously develop each feature of your packaging to satisfy those specific needs.

Clamshell Packaging Specifications

Closure Mechanism

Perimeter lock, button snaps, RF welding.


  • PVC
  • ESD PVC and PET, conductive HIPS and ABS
  • EPS – expanded foam polystyrene

Material Thickness Range

From .005 inches to .040 inches thick.

Final Product Size Range

Up to 38 inches length by 28 inches width by 6 inches depth – open dimension.


  • Forming Tolerance: ±0.005 inches
  • Die Cutting Tolerance: ±0.003 inches

Production Run Capacity

As few as 5 parts to as many as 5 million parts.

Industries Served

  • Electronics
  • Retail
  • Cosmetics
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Food

Secondary Services

  • Adhering labels
  • Screen printing
  • Pilot runs
  • Prototype runs