Custom Electronic Components Packaging

Thermoformed trays and clamshells are a great in house handling or shipping solution for electronics. Speed to market is key for custom electronic compnents packaging, and with our in house capabilities, it allows us quick turn times to assist you in doing this. Protecting electronic products from static is also crucial. We manufacture custom electronic packaging with different types of materials that offer different levels of static protection. We also stock some of these electronic components packaging options allowing even a low volume need to be obtainable.



Surface Resistivity Options

Static Dissipative (ESD), Anti-Static, Conductive.


  • PVC
  • ESD PVC and PET, conductive HIPS and ABS
  • HIPS
  • ABS

Material Thickness Range

From .020 inches to .125 inches thick.

Final Product Size Range

Up to 38 inches length by 28 inches width by 6 inches depth.


  • Forming Tolerance: ±0.005 inches
  • Die Cutting Tolerance: ±0.003 inches

Production Run Capacity

As few as 5 parts to as many as 5 million parts.

Industries Served

  • Electronics
  • Cushion packaging
  • Defense
  • Handling Trays

Secondary Services

  • Adhering labels
  • Screen printing
  • Pilot runs
  • Prototype runs