Custom Retail Packaging Design

Custom plastic retail packaging manufactured for virtually any unique product is available from Plastiform’s in-house design and production facilities. Whether your custom retail packaging requires thick protective plastic, hanging display design, a more traditional box or tube shape, or a thermoformed clamshell design, Plastiform can meet your specific packaging needs.
Plastic retail packaging provides a safe, secure enclosure for your product, while being transparent enough for consumers to see most every detail of the product through the packaging. From clamshells and blisters to insert trays, display trays and cushion protectors, we offer a wide range of custom retail packaging. our experienced team can evaluate the best type of packaging for your retail products that will promote your brand and also maximize eye appeal.

Retail Packaging Materials:

  • PVC: Because of its easy ability to be used in thermoforming and low supply and production costs, PVC is commonly used in the manufacturing of plastic retail packaging.

Types of Retail Packaging:

Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell Packaging

A single piece container that locks together to form a custom-fitted package that is unique to every product. Great presentation qualities that allow consumers to see majority of the product, while keeping a tight seal that protects against moisture and other elements.

Insert Trays

Insert Trays

Insert trays are a great way to hold one object or hold a variety of items in place for a more organized look into individual cavities. They are perfect for inserting into outer cartons and clear window boxes for optimum display value.

Blister Packaging

Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is formed by using a clear formed plastic and adhering it to a blister card. This type of packaging for retail products allows consumers to fully see the product while protecting it simultaneously.

Point of Purchase Displays

Point of Purchase Displays

A well-designed custom point of purchase display will attract the attention of the consumer, as well as transmit a message about the business or product.


Package Style

Box Inserts, Club Packs, Blisters, Clamshells, Tray and lid, Tri-folds.


  • PVC
  • PET
  • HIPS
  • Flocked HIPS

Material Thickness Range

From .005 inches to .050 inches thick.

Final Product Size Range

Up to 38 inches length by 28 inches width by 6 inches depth.


  • Forming Tolerance: ±0.005 inches
  • Die Cutting Tolerance: ±0.003 inches

Production Run Capacity

As few as 5 parts to as many as 5 million parts.

Industries Served

  • Electronics
  • Retail
  • Point of purchase
  • Cosmetics
  • Food

Secondary Services

  • Adhering labels
  • Screen printing
  • Pilot runs
  • Prototype runs