Custom Thermoforming of an Antenna Tray for the Electronics Industry

At Plastiform, we specialize in developing custom electronic packaging products such as this thermoformed electronics package system, which was designed for a customer who manufacturers delicate antenna assemblies. The previous packaging provided insufficient protection and left scratches on the product. Our skilled designers developed this lid and tray combination with perimeter snaps which provide ample protection from scratches and keep the product from becoming damaged during shipping and secondary handling. The 8″ x 8″ lid and tray are formed from conductive 0.045″ thick HIPS with a smooth black finish, and are designed to fit in the existing outer tray. The packaging must stay within dimensional tolerances of ±0.002″ to ensure a proper fit with the product and outer tray.

After the initial prototype was designed, trays were tested for fit and measured for material thickness. By developing this custom packaging solution, we were able to save the customer money in the manufacturing of the assembly. The customer also realized additional savings through the prevention of scratches and shipping damage. We produced a total of 500 of these trays with a lead time of 6 weeks. For more information about this thermoformed electronics packaging project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Custom Electronics Packaging Project

Product Description

Lid and tray that snaps together to retain and protect component for secondary handling after being removed from shipping container.

Project Scope

Replace existing assembly that scratches product. Fit it into existing shipping container.

Custom Electronics Packaging Capabilities Applied/Processes

Design Concept

Installing Die-Cut Anti-Static Foam Disk in Bottom of Tray

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Single Station Thermoformer

Overall Part Dimensions

  • Product Length: 8″
  • Product Width: 8″

Tightest Tolerances

± 0.002″

Material Used

HIPS Conductive
Material Thickness: 0.045″

Material Finish

Smooth Black

Special Features

Perimeter snap feature that retains round product.


Fine detail and tight fit into existing tray

In process testing/inspection performed

Fit Testing of Product
Destructive Testing
Cutting the Part and Measuring Material Thickness

Industry for Use




Delivery/Turnaround Time

6 Weeks

Standards Met

Customer Design Requirements

Product Name

Antenna Tray