Custom Thermoformed Products & Services

We thermoform custom products for a variety of industries, running quantities ranging from 1 part to millions. We provide in house design and tooling from concept through final product to meet customer specifications. Our design and development team works directly with you to produce a solution that is customized to your needs.

Trifold Clamshell Packaging
Trifold Clamshell Packaging
Trifold Clamshell Packaging
Trifold Clamshell Packaging
Aluminum tooling - Design and Tooling
Date Stamp - Design and Tooling
Production Tooling - Design

Clamshell Packaging Specifications

Industries Served

We work with a very broad group of clients including, but not limited to, these industries: Electronics, Retail, Medical, Food, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Toy, Demolition, Government, Defense, and Shipping.

Products Created

We produce: clamshells, blisters, tri-folds, shipping trays, displays, inserts, handling trays, cushion packaging and more. We are capable of producing a part 30 inches x 40 inches x 5 inches out of materials as thin as .006 inches to as thick as .090 inches. Our materials include: PET, RPET, PETG, PVC, HIPS, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, PP, ABS, as well as flocked, and ESD or antistatic materials.


We are a custom design thermoformer. Once we have your product, we will design packaging to meet your needs. We utilize our design team to creatively build packaging solutions using SolidWorks software.


Once we have an approved design we will cut the prototype in house. We produce prototype tooling from a fast cutting polyurethane machining board. Once the tooling has been cut, you will get samples from which to approve the fit and function of the pack.

Production Tooling

After the prototype parts have been approved, we will produce production tooling specific to your needs and the volume of parts. The tooling will include steel ruled trim dies and when necessary plug assists.