Blister Packaging

Clear blisters are an economical option often used to package smaller lightweight items. They are combined with a printed paperboard card that has a heat seal coating manufactured on it allowing the blister to adhere to the card with a heat-sealing machine process. A hang hole is also incorporated for hanging on a peg. This type of package makes it obvious when it has been tampered with. Once it has been opened, it is no longer able to be re-sealed. The transparency of the blister allows for viewing of the actual product. The clear blister cavity protects and displays the product. Due to the way it is sealed, it is a one-time use disposable package. An experienced design team will work with you to achieve a custom fit for your product that will minimize movement thus giving it protection during shipping. Blisters are normally produced from clear PVC. material ranging in starting thickness normally from .015-.030.