Help your products fly off the shelves and into your customers’ hands faster with the attractive, clear plastic packaging that keeps your retail products in great condition!

Clear Plastic Packaging


Clear Plastic Packaging

"Do I need custom plastic retail packaging for my product?"

The days when you can get by with plain cartons and plastics as packages are long over.

Every year, over 90% of new retail products fail due to their packaging.

Customers' preferences and attention spans have changed. They want attractive and eye-catching packaging that reflects a product’s personality. Customers don’t want to waste time thinking about what a product would look like inside a box—they want to make informed decisions right away.
They need a shortcut. And that shortcut is your product’s packaging.

If a retail product’s packaging doesn’t engage your customers, they’ll choose the one that does.

But before you worry about your customers, you have to get your products on the shelves first. And to do that, you have to convince retailers that your products sell.

It makes sense: If a product doesn’t sell fast enough, it will hurt retailers’ sales.

With Plastiform’s custom plastic retail packaging, you can meet the needs of your customers and your retainers,

We’ll work with you from design concept to manufacturing completion to make sure your product’s packaging speaks for itself by utilizing attractive and eye-catching designs that inspires retailers to place your retail product on their shelves and into your customers’ hands!


Clear Plastic Packaging

High-impact First Impression

You want customized plastic packaging that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Plastiform’s tried and tested custom design process, perfected for over 50 years, can help your product stand out and make a lasting impression on retailers and customers alike!

Memorable Branding & Easier Positioning

Customized plastic packaging gives you a clear edge over competitors who are stuck in the past, thinking that carton packaging still works.
Providing a full 360-degree view of your product makes it easier for customers to remember and trust your product, making it easier to position your brand as a market leader.
Plastiform’s attractive and eye-catching custom clamshell, insert tray, blister, and point of purchase display packaging can help you snatch your competitors’ customers for yourself!

Clear Plastic Packaging
Clear Plastic Packaging

Unrivaled Flexibility, Protection, and Cost Efficiency

With Plastiform’s custom packaging solutions, you can create eye-catching designs that always look good - whether they are hung up or standing on shelves. You want your products to captivate customers no matter how they’re displayed.

Custom plastic packaging allows you to better protect your products from shipping and mishandling damage, always keeping your product in the best condition.

Best of all, compared to any generic packaging; custom plastic packaging means you’re minimizing space, reducing your shipping costs, and allowing you to shelve more products to generate better sales.



Blister Packs, Pillow Packs, & Clamshells

Blister packs, pillow packs, sleeves, or clamshells can be the difference that helps your product sell. These clear options can be tailored to your unique product needs.

Custom Combo Packs &
Gift Set Styles

Combo packs, gift sets, and bottles with neckers - you can design it all with Plastiform’s transparent and creative retail packaging solutions.

Custom Shaped Clear Packaging Examples

Plastiform is all about custom solutions. We can design it all and provide samples for you to approve, from simple packaging to complex packaging designs.

Functional Clear Plastic   Retail Display Styles

Your product deserves more than just insert trays. Plastiform's design team can help you get the beautiful functionality you need for purchase displays, countertop displays, and multi-tiered transparent displays.

Gable Top Transparent Packaging Styles

Gable top packaging offers a distinct and clear design for retail products that are perfect for food, confections, wine, and spirits.

Custom-Fit Packaging Inserts

Made from high-quality materials, our inserts can be customized to fit your products that go with outer boxes, providing a secure and attractive way to package them.

Special Features in Clear Plastic Packaging

Adding custom features to showcase your product is one of our design team’s top ways to help you with your transparent retail packaging designs. Personalized features can add value and make your product stand out in any retail environment. We’ll help you create something original that practically guarantees a sale.

Window Style Clear Plastic Packaging

Retail packaging with clear plastic windows allows consumers to see your product without tampering with packaging. They can see the bottle you’ve designed, the unique pieces, and the features, so they know exactly what is included.

Clear Tube Packaging

Plastiform Packaging is the clear choice for recyclable clear plastic tubes and containers. Our clear plastic retail packaging system is a cost-effective, high-impact way to increase your product sales. We can create a personalized package from standard and custom components that suit any budget or design goal.

Our clear plastic retail tubes are a great way to transport and sell a wide variety of consumer products. The Sealed Bottom transparent plastic tubes and retail-ready Hanging Tubes are excellent for POP and display-friendly packaging. For whatever you need, our retail packaging design team can help you.



I found Plastiform when I was in a bind with another vendor. I had been strung along by my original vendor and needed a new vendor as soon as possible. We received our first order on time and the quality of the parts were exactly the same as the samples we had received. I am so thrilled that we found and worked with Plastiform on this project.


Taylor Clark

R.N.C. Industries, Inc

We sincerely appreciate your efficient and gracious customer service and the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated on the design, prototype, production, and delivery of the falafel trays.  We are delighted with the way you conduct business as a whole.


Tova Chansky

Tovavi Falafel

Where do we begin, Plastiform has been above and beyond anything we could have asked for. Donna and the team has been AWESOME during this whole process. Would highly recommend them !!!


Brad & Cheryl Sims

Alumi-Tee, LLC

Working with the Plastiform team has been a pleasure. Given the amount of time and work spent on our startup company, it has been refreshing to see them operate with a high level of communication. We were impressed by how our custom product turned out and how quickly we received samples to approve.  We will keep this in mind as we make decisions on any future packaging needs.  Thank you Plastiform!




To save time and money, my team and I agreed to buy an off the shelf plastic mold form. We then would create a custom insert to secure our new wrist watch products. I didn’t realize how dumb this was until Operations Manager, Donna Lee talked me off the ledge of “Packing Gone Wrong”. With her patience, insight and professional guidance we were back on track after our first phone call.


Slew Wilkins

(Creative Director)TheSwankyGuy, LLC


Are you a manufacturing facility?

We are a custom thermoformed plastics manufacturer specializing in packaging boxes for various applications, including retail. We provide a one-stop packaging solution service, from design to delivery.

Can I order a sample?

Yes, we can send out samples that you can approve or tweak to ensure your design is perfect. You can request samples online, over the phone, or through email.

How long is the production time?

Generally, [xx-xx] days for mass production. We can get a sample for you in [x-x] days.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, we specialize in custom retail packaging designs. Send us over the details and the concept, and we can put together a unique packaging design for your product.

Can you design for us?

Yes, we have a design team that can help you create something from scratch.

What are your company’s payment term?

Rates for custom orders vary, if you'd like a quote, contact us with your design ideas for an estimated cost.

What are your main products?

We design and manufacture everything from clear plastic boxes, display trays, and blister packaging to clamshells and gift sets.