PFP Classified as ‘Essential Business’ in the State of Texas During The COVID-19 Crisis

May 9, 2020

We entered the new decade facing the toughest global crisis to date.

At the time of this writing, 41 people in Texas have lost their fight against COVID-19 while the death toll has reached 3,779 in the entire country, leading to over 42,000 lives lost to the pandemic across the globe.

The whole PFP staff and I would like to extend our sympathies to the families of victims and its gratitude to the frontliners doing their best amidst the crisis.  

I can’t stress enough how important it is for us to stay at home right now so we can stay safe from the clutches of the pandemic. With cooperation and compliance, we will weather and overcome this crisis together faster.

A few hours earlier, Governor Abbott has ordered a state-wide ban on non-essential business and activities in Texas.

Precision Formed Plastics produces custom packaging for healthcare, food, defense, and manufacturing industries, making PFP an essential business.

Considering how PFP directly supports the healthcare industry and its suppliers, our team will be continuing all our operations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in accordance with the federal and state guidelines.

How PFP Adheres to the Essential Business Guidelines

We are currently following the advice from CDC on additional measures and precautions to keep our workspaces, transport vehicles, and equipment sanitized at all times.

We are doing this to keep you and our staff members safe, so PFP can continue serving you to the best of our abilities like we always do.

As an essential business, we will continue providing the necessary equipment and services you need to keep your business going.

Our resolve of answering and serving our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year has never been stronger.

While there’s a chance that we may face minor delays and longer lead times in respect to the pandemic, we can assure you that we’re doing business as usual.

In case we encounter issues and delays, we’ll immediately inform you so you’re always on the loop. We understand and appreciate your business’s role in this war against the pandemic, so we’ll keep the chain of support as seamless as possible.

How We’ll Keep You Informed

PFP will release updates as and when needed via our blog and email. In case of an emergency, we’ll update you via direct calls.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support for PFP.

I’d also like to personally thank the PFP team for their dedication, effort, and hard work just so we can continue to serve you well.

Our thanks and gratitude also goes out to everyone in the healthcare industry as well.

Everyone is in our thoughts and prayers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or the PFP staff.

Stay safe,

Jeff Jones