Thermoformed Plastic Packaging Advantages [ Top 7 ]

December 21, 2017

Would you still stick with ridiculously expensive molds if you found another way to produce tooling 12 weeks earlier at 90% less cost?

Just imagine the look on the top management’s faces when you tell them your company’s 12 weeks ahead of schedule and you’re just using 1/10th of the approved budget.

Just imagine the praises, the admiration (or the promotion) that comes after it…

Here are the features that describe about Thermoformed Plastic Packaging:

Feature 1: Thermoformed plastic packaging is light weight, which reduces shipping costs

Feature 2 : Thermoformed plastic packaging does not break easily; for example, thermoformed trays contain lids that can withstand heavy objects or stacking (often at least 50lbs) without breaking the tray.

Feature 3: Thermoformed plastic packaging is sturdy and can be used time and time again.

Feature 4: Thermoformed plastic packaging  does not impart any chemicals into the packaged product,  therefore  it’s safe to consume kept products with little worry of poisoning from chemicals

Feature 5: The production process only  uses a  small fraction of the energy  required for glass and metal production.

Feature 6: Thermoformed plastic packaging  is often recyclable.

Feature 7: There is high durability, its made with sustainable material and can be designed to meet your specific needs in size or thickness.

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