In this project, a manufacturer of medical devices needed us to engineer a packaging system for custom PETG trays and covers that would be used in the operating room during surgeries. The package required an ergonomic design to allow for easy opening during use. At Plastiform we are a full service provider of engineering, design, and complete thermoforming services, specializing in turn-key solutions such as the project highlighted here.

From the customers design requirements, we developed a concept and prototype which utilizes an inner tray that nests inside an outer tray, with a lid that covers the contents. The lid included vertical lugs which held the product in the tray, with primary and secondary perimeter surfaces, and tabs with finger clearance corners to allow for easy removal of the Tyvek seal. The finished product measured 10.25″ in length, 5.00″ in width, with material thickness of .035″.

The prototype and production run of 500 pieces was completed on a single station thermo-former that utilizes a portable laminar flow hood to reduce packaging contamination. This capability also allowed us to achieve tolerances of ±.002″.

Fully inspected and tested, this project, from concept to delivery, was completed in just 6 weeks. For more information on this project or our processes used to manufacture custom handling trays, see the table below or contact us directly.


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ISO - Medical Tray with Lid
SPE - Medical Tray with Lid
Institue of Packaging Professionals - Medical Tray with Lid