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There are many mold manufacturers to choose from these days. We get it! Many are good, but we're great. We are not your ordinary thermoforming manufacturers; over the years, we have gained the depth of experience you need in thermoforming mold making.

We can create molds from simple prototypes to full production runs. Our experienced team power through complex tooling issues and know how to deliver high-quality results faster. We've also built a solid reputation in ensuring your tooling is built to last, so you can keep using it for years and years.


Are you looking for packaging solutions? Why not try thermoforming molds from Plastiform. Our thermoforming offers much more benefits than you'd imagine. Some of these include:


Low Cost

Thermoforming is a cost-effective way to produce high-quality products with great detail and precision. It's also a great way to make prototypes and one-off parts because you can use it on short notice for quick turnarounds.

Plastiform has been using thermoforming equipment for over 30 years in our Dallas, TX facility. We have equipment that can handle all jobs, from small runs of complex parts to large production runs of simple parts.


Customization options

If your product requires customization, then our thermoforming molds are ideal. They allow you to create complex shapes and designs that would be impossible with other methods such as injection molding or blow molding.


Fast turn around time

We understand that you don't have the time to wait for weeks to have your molds created. We offer a fast turnaround, cutting the waiting time to a few days. We know that there are no excuses when it comes to making sure that your project is done on time and done right.


Multiple parts

Thermoforming mold making allows you to make multiple parts simultaneously because they only need one mold instead of several molds like an injection molder. This reduces the time required to create each component while maintaining the high quality that you expect from a thermoformed part


Ability to customize

Thermoplastic molding can produce any shape or size you want; they're not limited by molds and dies like injection molders. This means we can make your parts precisely as specified without compromising on design or aesthetics, which is not impossible with other methods.


Improve quality control

Because we make the thermoforming mold using CAD software, the molds can be designed using 3D models that we can test for durability and functionality before making them into physical objects.

Testing improves quality control because any potential problems will show up before the molds are assembled into an actual product or machine part – or worse yet, after installing the parts on an airplane or other piece of machinery where failure could result in severe injury or death for passengers or crew members alike!


Are you looking for a tooling company to help you create the perfect thermoforming mold?

At Plastiform, we have over 40 years of experience in creating custom thermoforming tooling. Our team has extensive experience working with thermoforming mold, so we know how important it is to provide high-quality products. We strive to achieve this goal by using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced manufacturing techniques when creating our tools.

We also have an exceptional customer service team that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year if you need help or have any questions about our services.

At Plastiform Dallas, we offer a wide range of thermoforming tools and molds to help you achieve your goals through innovative technology. Our team has experience creating simple one-part molds to sophisticated multi-part assemblies with complex features. We work closely with our clients to determine the best approach for their needs, which allows us to produce customized, high-quality products on time and within budget.


We offer countless services to our esteemed clients, including:

24-Hour Tooling Quote- we often quote tooling orders within 24 hours with a faster
Guide on what plastic is needed for manufacturing the application or product.
Guide to which thermoforming equipment will work best for your manufactured application or product.

Our experts in tooling and thermoforming solutions equip small to mid-size companies with the right tools and technology to increase production efficiency, reduce manufacturing complexity, and allow quick, easy, and cost-effective changes to their products.

 Thermoforming Basics: What Is Thermoforming & How Does It Work?

To understand how thermoforming works, it's essential to know the thermoforming basics. The thermoforming process consists of three main steps: heating the sheet material, forming the plastic over a mold, and cooling the part.

The first step involves heating the sheet material with a heat gun or infrared lamp to its softening point. The plastic sheet then moves onto a mold that contains an opening or cutout. In most cases, this is done using vacuum pressure. After molding the plastic shape, it cools down and hardens into its final form.

Thermoforming Applications: What kind of packaging will you have?

The array of applications and usage possibilities is almost endless. We take pride in offering the highest quality thermoformed sheet and parts automation equipment in the industry. 
With our help, we can find a solution that will best fit your manufacturing and budget needs. We can help you leverage our thermoforming capabilities to make your packaging dreams come true! You may use the thermoplastic molding in a variety of applications that include:


Automotive manufacturers use thermoformed plastics for interior trim pieces that require complex shapes or designs. These include dashboards and door panels made from ABS plastic; these parts are usually formed with two-shot injection molding machines that create multiple parts at once from two different materials or colors.

Thermoformed plastics also make mirrors and exterior trim pieces such as hoods, bumpers, and fenders. The process is often used to create prototypes before mass production.


Thermoforming is used in electronics manufacturing for cases, covers, and housings for everything from cell phone accessories to computer peripherals like keyboards and mice. The Process can produce complex shapes that would be impossible to create using injection molding alone because it allows for multiple cavities in a single part.

Thermoformed plastics can also be used as a substrate for circuit boards, which are then attached using adhesive or soldered during the assembly process (known as co-molding).


Thermoforming is commonly used to create packaging products such as blister cards, clamshells, and blister packs, filled with food products or other retail items.

The key ingredient of thermoplastics is their ability to be repeatedly reheated without becoming brittle or breaking down over time.

Many different types of plastics can be used for thermoplastic molding. Some common examples include:

  • Acetal (Delrin)

  • ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

  • Polycarbonate (Lexan)

  • PVC

Thermoforming Mold Making Process

You may be wondering what the Thermoforming Mold Making Process at Plastiform-Dallas entails. Here's what we do;

The thermoforming process is a versatile manufacturing method that can produce various products. The process typically involves heating the material until it's pliable, then shaping it into its final form and allowing it to cool.

A thermoplastic molding tool uses this process to create molds for plastic parts. This allows us to make parts in large quantities, which helps reduce production costs and keep prices low for our customers. These molds are also reusable, so there's no need to buy new ones every time we need to make more parts.

Our Process In A Nutshell

In a nutshell, here's what our mold making process entails:

Step 1: Better understanding of your needs

We will talk to you and learn more about your product and its packaging requirements & objectives.

First, we need to find out more about the product itself and its needs. This way, we can tailor our approach to suit your needs, ultimately leading to better results.

Step 2: Designing the mold

Once we understand what you want, we'll work on creating an initial design for your thermoforming part or part set based on our findings from our initial discussions with you.

Our designers will consider all relevant factors, such as budget and the number of parts required for your prototype or final production run to develop the best solution while keeping costs down.

After approval, we will start the design and tooling process, which includes 3D modeling and 2D drawing and creating the prototype model of your product.

Step 3: Manufacture the mold 

The manufacturing process varies depending on the product you need to make into the thermoplastic molding. In this step, we manufacture the mold using our state-of-the-art equipment. We also use durable materials that can withstand high temperatures, such as aluminum or steel.

Step 4: Test and evaluate the mold (you need to make sure it will work with your product)

The next step is to test the thermoforming mold and evaluate its performance. We do this by injecting water into the mold cavity. If there are any leaks or defects in the mold, they should be visible using this method.

If there are no leaks present (or minimal), we can begin testing a sample of your product inside the cavity. This will ensure that your final product fits perfectly inside the mold without any imperfections or problems occurring during the injection.

Once the thermoplastic molding mold has been manufactured, tested, and evaluated, it is ready for use!

Step 5: The last step involves shipping your order to where you are.

We'll do all the hard work for you, so you can relax and focus on what's important: making sure your customers are satisfied. We ship the product to your destination as you focus on what's most important: getting your product out there!


Results-Oriented Packaging Solutions

We know what works for over 44 years and we’ll repeat the same results for you. We know what kind of packaging:

  • Secures retailers’ approval
  • Attracts your target customers
  • Leaps over your competitors
  • Drives down shipping & warehousing
  • Prevents product damages due to shipping and mishandling
  • Generates more revenue and profit

Massive Production Capacity & Range

With Plastiform, there’s no project that’s too big or too small.

From prototyping five samples, to short runs, to long runs in the millions. From tiny & thin to big and thick, Plastiform has the capacity to handle your thermoform production requirements.

We boast 9 roll-fed, high volume production lines capable of running 24/7, plus 10 short run lines.

We can deal with your massive production requirements and complicated parts with no problem!

Industry-Grade Supply Chain Support & Solutions

We have the warehouse capacity, technical team, and advanced systems & machinery to help you with your supply chain support problems. Whether it’s Make & Hold, JIT Delivery, or Seasonal Production, we have the manpower, the experience, and the equipment to meet your most complicated requirements. We work hard to make it easy to do business with Plastiform!

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